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How do I increase tiling concurrency in Javascript API 4.5?

Question asked by chris666 on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2017 by YCabon-esristaff

I have noticed that version 4.5 of the ArcGIS Javascript API is noticably slower at fetching tiles from a tile server than version 3.22 of the API. It is particularly apparent when I emulate a slower internet connection using Chrome's developer tools.


It seems that version 3.22 of the API relies on the web browser to limit the number of concurrent tile requests. For HTTP 1.1 in Chrome, this limit is 6 requests per server. Setting multiple servers in ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer's tileServer property raises this limit to 10 concurrent requests. Other browsers have different limits. See Developer Blog - Max parallel http connections in a browser? for more details.


However version 4.5 of the API limits the number of concurrent tile requests to 6 using a queuing mechanism implemented in init.js (an undocumented part of the API). This means that regardless of the number of servers specified in TileLayer's tileServer property, the limit of concurrent requests stays at 6.


There does not appear to be a way of configuring the API to use a higher number. If you view init.js in Chrome's developer tools, and press the {} button to prettify the code you will see the following code at line 28640:


this._queue = new l({
   concurrency: 6,
   process: b.process,
   peeker: function(b) {
      return a._peek(b)


As you can see the concurrency value is hardcoded.


I have used a hack to raise this value to 12. You can see it at Edit fiddle - JSFiddle. Note this hack uses undocumented classes in the API. When you pan the map in the JSFiddle you can verify in Chrome developer tools there are 10 concurrent tile fetches. If you comment out the hack and retest, there will only be 6.


So I have some questions:


(1)   Is there an easier way to do this?

(2)   Is it safe to use this hack? Obviously I would need to retest my application if I move to a later version of the API.

(3)   Are there any plans to make concurrency a configurable parameter in future versions of the API?