Intermittent 504 gateway timeouts with hosted feature layers

Discussion created by fannonj on Dec 7, 2017
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We have a customer for whom we have published some data as an ArcGIS online hosted feature service. We have a process that applies changes to the hosted layers based on changes in their database, including adds, updates and deletes. The process is written in python and the code is sending http requests to the layer's REST endpoint (i.e. addFeatures, updateFeatures, deleteFeatures).


The code is working fine generally and has been for some months, but we are increasingly seeing intermittent errors in the log for our process that are related to http requests, especially Error 504 (Gateway Timeout). I've looked into error 504 and this suggests a timeout is occuring between internal servers in ArcGIS Online. The error seems to occur most frequently when updating a specific layer (using updateFeatures), which has approx. 4500 features, but occasionally occurs with update requests to other layers with fewer features (approx. 500). It is totally intermittent, so during one run one request might fail, but then the next will succeed.


We have put in place some work arounds, such as making a number of attempts at the request when it fails and limiting the number of features updated per request. However, we are still seeing some instances of error 504.


I'm just wondering if anyone else has experience similar when applying regular updates to an AGOL hosted feature service?