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Update-start and update-end map events disappear

Question asked by paupepui on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2017 by paupepui


When I add a WFS layer (WFSLayer), it works fine, as well as the update-start and update-end map events.

The problem comes when I delete the WFS layer. When I delete the WFS layer with map.removeLayer (WFSLayer), an update-start event is executed without much sense. Then the onUpdateStart and UpdateEnd events of map are not executed (instead extent-change is working fine).

With other types of layers it works perfectly, such as WMSLayer, ArcGIS Feature Layer, ArcGIS Dynamic Layer, ...

What can be happening? Is it an API bug?

Thank you



                map.on("update-end", function(response){
                map.on("update-start", function(){
var capa = map.getLayer(nombreCapa);