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Custom Email URL not working in browser

Question asked by IAldridge_CRT on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2017 by IAldridge_CRT

I have built a survey using Survey123 Connect.  In it I have a calculate field which creates an email hyperlink.  The hyperlink works in the apps but not through the browser (which is where I actually need it).  I have it set up as a

calculate field called Qemail with the calculate field populated with the equation


concat('<a href=" Accessibility Feedback','&body=Please contact me regarding the Towpath Accessibility data as I would like to follow up on how it was created. %0D%0ASpecifically, I was reviewing the area around ', ${LayerName}, ' Reference ID: ',  ${RefID}, '">Email the GIS Team</a>')


I then have a note field with the calculate field populated with the value ${Qemail}. 


As I stated in the apps this works perfectly.  In the browser when I inspect the element the value is <a> Email the GIS Team </a> with none of the html content.  Any ideas or is this a known issue?


Thank you