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Not your standard "Note" question; email link

Question asked by mbrueningesi on May 9, 2017
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I am attempting to use a "Note" question to create a hyperlink to launch an email containing information from my Survey123 form that was built within Survey123 Connect v2.0.35.


I have a set of 6 questions that pertain to project details that I am having our project managers fill out through the Survey123 app. I have a text question that is set to multi-line that contains some text and also pulls in the answers to the 6 questions to create what will be the body text of the email (please see below).


"Hello GIS Department," + "\n"+ "\n"+"This is a request to set up a new GIS application with the following information below:" + "\n"+ "\n" + "Project Number: " + ${ProjectNumber} +"\n" + "Project Name: " + ${ProjectName}+"\n" + "Site Name: " + ${SiteName}+"\n" +  "Company Name: " + ${CompanyName}+"\n" + "ESI Project Lead: " + ${ESI_ProjectLead} +"\n" +  "ESI Field Lead: " + ${ESI_Field_Lead} + "\n" + "\n"+ "Thanks"


Next I have a "Note" question that has a calculation to pull together the hyperlink text that is needed to launch an email and then allow the user to send off the email. That works perfectly (see below).


concat('<a href="mailto:',${Email_Name},'?subject=GIS App Setup&body=',${Email_Body_Text},'">Link to email info</a>')


Next, I want the user to submit the survey form, but this is where things hang up. I receive an error code 1000 "String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated."


Can anyone provide some insight on what this error means and how to get around the error to allow the survey to be submitted?

Ismael Chivite

James Tedrick

I would greatly appreciate any help or insight.


Thank you in advance,