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Issue with GitHub Offline geodatabase Example

Question asked by Rneel_DevTest on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2017 by Rneel_DevTest

I found the following sample code on the Esri GitHub AppStudio wiki:


Working with Offline content · Esri/arcgis-appstudio-samples Wiki · GitHub 


I'm specifically interested in the 2nd section, "Adding offline geodatabase to your app". This is critical to my application; I need to get a queryable featureTable in there, so that I can do a simple geofence, the user's current location against offline-stored polygons. 


I started out using the existing Feature Layer sample code, then placed the code from above in the FeatureLayerQuery.qml code, within the Map section, (replacing the existing FeatureLayer and ServiceFeatureTable sections). When I go to run the query in the app, it stops with 'Cannot assign to non-existent property "onStatusChanged"'. In the editor, I'm getting invalid property name flags for featureServiceLayerId, enableLabels, onStatusChanged. (graphic included of what I see).


I'm guessing that this code sample has worked for others, since it's been on GitHub for over a year, so I must have something missing or wrong. Barring an explanation of this, does anyone have a link to actual working code, of an offline geodatabase, being queried via GeometryEngine? Nothing I've tried where I simply replace online code with a gdb has worked, to date. 


Thanks for any assistance!