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Query Application

11-28-2017 03:00 PM
New Contributor II

I would like to create an app that is able to query feature attributes from a map that can be uploaded from ArcMap or from ArcWeb. Is it possible to create an app that is able to create add new data to a feature class and each time a new data point is collected run a query on the data?

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Esri Regular Contributor

GMU Geotechnical Inc

Of course it is possible.

The "map" needs to be published to either ArcGIS Enterprise (Server), ArcGIS Online, or Portal for ArcGIS, and then you should be able to do the this edit and query operations against the feature layer. 

Make sure that feature layer is edit-enabled when publishing. 

For AppStudio for ArcGIS, this edit and query operation will be done using ArcGIS Runtime for Qt (The QML API

Inside the AppStudio Desktop, we have some samples that you can look at to start with, by going to New App -> Samples, and choose, 

- Add & Delete Features - Github link

- Feature Layer - Github link

Let me know if this answers your question or if you have any other questions.