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Cannot find module 'dojo/dom'

Question asked by alexyshr on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by alexyshr

I am doing a personalized Widget. I configured all the folder and files related to the widget as is shown in this image:

My Zprevious Widget


.. but I have a problem finding the dojo/dom library using this code line:


import dom = require("dojo/dom");


The error messagge in the visual studio code window is: Cannot find module 'dojo/dom'

dojo/dom cannot find module


I used npm to aditionally install dojo/dom and its typings, but I cannot fix the accees to the library.


I do use the dojo/dom library accesing it directly from a HTML application using my local ArcGis Javascript Api 4.5, but in this case I am trying to use it inside a personalized Widget writtten in Typescript


Any suggestions?


Best regards!!