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Why multi-processing is not working from ArcMap?

Question asked by dineshpatil on Nov 17, 2017
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I have been using the multiprocessing module to do network analysis's 'find closest facility' task for number of incidents in ArcMap 10.2.1.

I have written python script which works fine if I run it in IDLE. I see all my cores max out in Task Manager and the code completes without error.

Now if I executes this script as a Script Tool in ArcToolbox it throws a following error

"Could not find file: from multiprocessing.forking import main; main().mxd"

As per ESRI Blogs, I regularly see that the script has to be "run out of process". So I unchecked the check box "run python in process" in the script properties dialog, and run the script tool. But the script tool starts execution and complete it without any processing.

So I followed the Create a script tool that uses multiprocessing  blog and do changes in my script as per mentioned in a blog. Still the script tool execute without any processing.