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11-17-2017 04:20 AM
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I am an experience arcpy developer including large experience with the arcgis rest api.

I need to bullied a process that will publish multiple feature services (hosted and from SDE) to portal 10.5.1.

Usually its not a problem but now I need to publish it from ArcGIS Pro projects and use the lyrx symbology. I am wondering about the python I should use.

My dilemma is this: because I need to work with ArcGIS Pro I should use python 3, but if I work with python 3 request module I will not be able to publish it as a geoprocessing services (its different between py 2 and py 3). This is one issues I am thinking about.

The other thing that I am wounding about is after I will open a new folder in portal (with my py script) and then publish all of the feature services to that folder I will need to author a new web map and fully configurate it (popups and other things). After that I will need to deploy a web app builder app (but I will get to that in the end).

What I am asking is:

did anybody had to do something kike this fully in python? Are there any advices? Is there any solutions that I can see or use? And should the ArcGIS pyhon API is something that can handle this kind of operation?


know there is the ArcGIS for State Government Solutions but as far I can see this are fixed template and none of them is good for our one specific app.

Thank, Roi.

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