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Crowdsource Manager not showing multiple related tables

Question asked by deleted-user-qzyyiYme1rz9 on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2020 by brittanyburson21

I created a very long survey in Survey123 and would like to be able to review submissions and change the hidden status field to "reviewed". The survey has multiple repeats in it, which means multiple related tables. From a suggestion from another geonet post I'm looking into using Crowdsource Manager to be able to review and sign-off on the submitted surveys. However, I'm noticing in the "comments" tab that shows related records, I only see the records from the first related table, not from all of the related tables. Is there a work around for this? If not, is there another app that is recommended to easily be able to review and update survey123 responses that include multiple related tables? I found that using web appbuilder's edit tool was not very intuitive for reviewing records with related tables.