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What does GetConnectionError in sde intercept file indicate?

Question asked by tedrakel_power on Nov 10, 2017

I'm using Arc Catalog 10.2 to connect to a recently refreshed Oracle geodatabase.  Arc Catalog crashes when I attempt to connect to the geodatabase.  I can connect using sql plus with the same user name and password that I use in Arc Catalog.  I turned on sde intercept tracing, then attempted to connect to the geodatabase. I found GetConnectionError appears at the end of the sde intercept log file as shown below.  Does anyone have any idea what causes the GetConnectionError message?  The DBAs are off today since it's Veterans Day, so I'm looking for clues to help them when they return.  Since the geodatabase was recently refreshed, it's possible there's a role missing or a tablespace issue.


[R 10:35:45.427] Command: VersionGet
[R 10:35:45.427] NString: "SDE.DEFAULT"
[W 10:35:45.427] Long: 0
[W 10:35:45.427] Version:
Owner: SDE
Version ID: 1
Status: Public
State ID: 137009
Description: Instance default version.
Parent Name:
Parent Owner:
Parent Version ID:0
Creation Time: 6/17/2011 8:30:42 AM
[R 10:35:45.427] Command: StateLock
[R 10:35:45.427] int64: 137009
[R 10:35:45.427] Long: 2
[W 10:35:45.428] Long: -172
[R 10:35:45.428] Command: GetConnectionError
[W 10:35:45.428] Long: 0