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Is it possible to open files/attachments being stored on a local machine through a web map? Maybe by using relative path names? So instead of using database attachments or hyperlinks that have been published with ArcGIS Server, can you point to a relative

Question asked by bheist_MBCE on Nov 8, 2017

I have a client that would like to view inspection videos that have been attached to corresponding assets in the field. I currently have this set up by enabling attachments for the feature class in my geodatabase. So they are viewable on my desktop application. But the client doesn't want to purchase a license in order to do the same thing on their infrastructure and or even use the desktop application (ArcMap). They like the user interface of the web maps. I've tried compressing the videos and then attaching them and publishing my layer to AGOL. But obviously, there is a great delay in the time it takes for the video to load and be viewed. So is there some way to get that same functionality but with the videos being stored locally on a machine? to get the web map to point to that location and open the video just as if it were attached or hyperlinked?