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Help with updating an old arcgisscripting file to arcpy.

Question asked by WhitneyNewcomb on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by curtvprice

Hi everyone.

I was put to the task of comparing some data and found the perfect script already created that did pretty much everything I need. HOWEVER it's was written originally for ArcMap9.3 and used the arcgisscripting python library. 

I've just about used the extent of my python knowledge to convert it to arcpy. 

I was able to use this script to compare point shapefiles, but now I need it to work on polygons as well. And I keep getting an error on line 69. I believe that it is having a problem with the differences to the describe function between the two libraries. 

I'm totally stuck on this and really need this script to work. I feel a little bad just dumping my script here and hoping someone can fix/figure out what's wrong with the script.


((I also realize that within the script I have not updated everything to be the quickest (i.e. arcpy.SearchCursor changed to arcpy.da.SearchCursor) This is because I tried and failed to do so..))