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Attribute Assistant versioning

Question asked by hunterkey on Nov 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by mmiller-esristaff

I have created 2  simple intersect conflation rules to copy an ID key from a point to a line than from the line to a point. Basically a start point has the ID Key and we need to get it in the line and than the end point. 


The rule works in one users versioned enviornment but does not work in the other users enviornment. Permissions appear to same and I have double checked on all associated tables and feature classes. 


The version that works is the creator of the rule and the version that does not work Posted and Reconciled their enviornment to receive the rule, If that helps. 


Any thoughts or items to check ?


The GenererateID table is unversioned and with permission to all editors.


The entire work flow is the user pastes a point into the editing enviornment and generates a unique IDKEY, this new point with ID KEY is copied into the already existing line, which is than copied into the existing end point.