Custom 3D building models and Procedural Rules

Discussion created by ANichols_ptbo on Nov 7, 2017
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Hello everyone


I was watching the presentation by "Walk Disney Animation Studios - Zootopia" today at lunch and couldn’t help but think what a great project that was. Near the end I heard something interesting.


Starting around minute 14 the presenter talks about creating custom 3d buildings (I believe in Maya) and then manipulating them with Procedural rules inside City Engine. In the example he takes one of those custom 3d models and increases/decreases building height, changes the setback etc, all the normal City Engine stuff we know and love.

I know how to create  a basic building with .cga rules and thru the inspector manipulate the height field but I don’t know how they go about doing this models imported from another software.  Does anyone have any insight into this workflow, or how this can be accomplished?