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Getting error while instantiation of CreateDriveTimeAreas

Question asked by FACarcgis on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by gsubbiah-esristaff

I am trying to create drive time areas for a point. When I call the routine I get the following error.


Uncaught Error: string.substitute could not find key "layername" in template
at String.replace (<anonymous>)
at Object.r.substitute (
at Object._updateAnalysisLayerUI (
at Object._buildUI (
at Object.postCreate (
at Object.create (
at Object.postscript (
at Object.advice (
at Object.c [as postscript] (


Background -

  • I have a small area FeatureLayer on ArcGIS online from which I am creating an activeFeatureLayer programmatically and is as well the active layer on the visible map.
  • I also have a mapLayer that is created as an overlay on the current active layers on the map. This layer holds information regarding the drop point on the map with/without buffer distance.


I am following the javascript jsapi 3 documentation( for this. This is what I am doing -


var activeFeatureLayer = new FeatureLayer("<auth_id>/arcgis/rest/services/<layer_id>/FeatureServer/0");

var createDriveTimeAreas = new CreateDriveTimeAreas({
inputLayer: activeFeatureLayer,
inputType: "point",
showReadyToUseLayers: false, // to disable an option to the UI that allows users to choose ready to use analysis layers from the Living Atlas Analysis Layers
portalUrl: "https://<server>"
}, "analysis-tool");


  1. The code breaks when the instantiation of the CreateDriveTimesAreas is called.
  2. I am not sure whether is pertaining to portalUrl.


Can anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong here?


Thank you.