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Match table for attachments - too many matches

Question asked by mai_quynhnhu on Oct 24, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2020 by jmagnotta

I'm generating a match table in order to add attachments to features in ArcGIS for Desktop. The feature has an ID such as '1_2', '1_23', '4_5', '4_50', '4_56'. The files are named '1_2_1.jpg' and '1_2_2.jpg' (for feature '1_2'), '4_5_1.jpg' and '4_5_2.jpg' (for feature '4_5'), '4_50_1.jpg' '4_50_2.jpg' 4_50_3.jpg' (for feature '4_50'), etc. The index after the underscore indicates multiple attachments for the same feature.


The match table is generated, and the attachments attach, but I have a remaining issue: The feature '4_5' also receives matches for files '4_50_1.jpg', etc due it's closely matching name. Is there any way to avoid this without renaming the files? If I do need to rename, what is the best practice in order to avoid this issue?


Is this related to this bug : NIM086928: Records are duplicated in the output match table wit.. ?