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Cannot add workers when overwrite assignment layer

Question asked by alex.gole_ELDORADOCOUNTY on Oct 24, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by alex.gole_ELDORADOCOUNTY

Hi all,

I am trying to overwrite the assignment with a layer that kind of follows these guidelines: Workforce schema—Workforce for ArcGIS | ArcGIS. I can see the assignments just fine when I open the workforce project but when I try to add workers I get "Item is not accessible" in dev mode of my browser.


Here are the fields I have in my layer:



So I have the fields I need to supply:

You need to supply values for the following fields:



Value to provide


The point location of the assignment

An x,y coordinate pair


The assignment's status, from the values in the Assign_Status domain

  • 0 (Unassigned) to create unassigned work
  • 1 (Assigned) if you are going to assign the work as part of its creation

If you are going to assign the work, you also need to include values for the workerId and assignedDatefields, described in a later table.


The type of the assignment, from the values in the Assign_Type domain

Any valid value from the Assign_Type domain


Text description of the point location of the assignment

An address; an x,y coordinate pair; or any descriptive text


Specifies if the worker has viewed the assignment

0 since the assignment is unread


The ID of the dispatcher creating the assignment (dispatchers.OBJECTID from the Dispatchers layer)

May be the dispatcher ID for the ArcGIS organizational user you are connected as, or could be the ID of a particular dispatcher associated with the project


1. Should I remove all the extra fields and keep only what is needed for workforce? 

2. Is the process of overwriting the assignment layer breaking something in the app itself?


Thank you,