PrintTask 3.x vs 4.x & default graphics layer

Discussion created by deleted-user-RAnWn8DDSd1P on Oct 24, 2017

In 3.x the PrintTask Web_Map_as_JSON request parameter includes the layer in operationalLayers by default, so any graphics you may have added to the layer will end up in the print image.  In 4.x the layer is not included by default.  Is there a way to include it like 3.x? 


We have just changed from 10.3.1 to 10.5.1 on our ArcGIS servers and the 3.x request that includes does work fine and return the graphics from both versions of server.  However, I've been unable to crowbar the layer into the 4.x Web_Map_as_JSON.operationalLayers array and achieve the same result.