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Arcade Popup Expression Not Rendering After Search Result in MapViewer

Question asked by sethlewistempe on Oct 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by sethlewistempe

I have a conditional Arcade Expression in a popup. The expression renders in the map if a user clicks on the feature. However, the map is configured to allow searching on an address field. And if I type in an address and zoom to the resulting feature, the Arcade expression is blank.


In the map linked below, try typing 520 E Tempe Town Lake in the search bar and selecting the autocomplete result from the layer. Notice how the third expression is blank? Close the popup and click again on the feature. The third expression is now completed using the When function.


Edit: link removed


Is there an issue with the Arcade logic that's employed that may be causing this? I've tried IIF, if/else if/else, etc. but all functions render empty in the popup when calling the popup on the search result.