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Export map layers to KMZ - not using the Extract Data tool in the Analysis widget

Question asked by ahmadabusaleh on Oct 20, 2017


Is there any method to export the map layers in the WAB to KMZ other than using the Extract Data tool in the Analysis widget?

I am trying to figure out a method that lets me export my map to KMZ file but not using the “Extract Data” esri out of the box tool.

The reason on this:

  • 1- The Extract tool doesn’t work with any feature layer, the layer should be a hosted feature layer. In my case I want to export features from a service hosted in my ArcGIS server.
  • 2- I want this tool to be available for all of my app users regardless the permissions/ levels.

I am thinking of using a geoprocessing service that uses the “Map to KML” tool in the arcmap, but the main issue it that this tool takes an MXD as an input and I think it will not work on the app builder.



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