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Question asked by monaGIS2013 on Oct 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2018 by frcaldeira

Hello All,


I am trying to get a custom widget(CW) to work that uses a map click event.  The widget works as standalone but if also using the OOTB measurement widget(MW) I get weird behavior.  If I use the OOTB MW before I use the CW then I get expected behavior for both tools.  However, if I use the CW followed by the MW, when I close the CW the symbol it uses is cleared from the map but when using the MW the symbol replaces esri greenpin, the line segments disappear on dbl-clicks, and when MW is closed, the CW symbol remains.  Any ideas on how to resolve other than re-implement the OOTB MW(and I did not want to edit the OOTB MW code)?  I thought by using onClose() in CW to remove graphic/clear

map would resolve since graphic was removed(but looks like both widgets are bound to event).


Thanks in advance,