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Working with existing feature service. Some question types prepopulate and some don't

Question asked by monzay on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by monzay

I'm following a pattern described in this post about working with existing feature services. I have one feature service with 35 fields and two surveys. The first survey populates up to 30 questions. The second survey is a copy of the first survey with most of the questions deleted except for about 5 from the first survey and an additional 5. The second survey's inbox has a query set to only pull down surveys where a certain question from the first survey = yes. This is working. 


In the second survey I can see the answers to a select multiple question and a select one question (that I have set to read only) answered in the first survey. However, I can't see the values from a note or a text question that was answered in the first survey.


Also, the second survey has its own datetime question and it is not auto populating when the form opens. If I open this form without pulling down an existing survey then the datetime question populates.