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Field calculator to update a field using another field in attribute table

Question asked by dljayasekera on Oct 9, 2017
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I have the following attribute table. I need to update the fields using the field calculator (SEC, TOWN, RANG) by using the "mtrs" and "label" columns(fields) in the attribute table. 


SEC: (letter S + label)   TOWN: (string from mtrs)    RANGE (string from mtrs)      S_R_T (join the SEC+TOWN+RANG)

S24                               T1N                                     R14W                                      S24-T1N-R14W                               

S4                                 T1N                                     R14W                                      S24-T1N-R14W 

S34                               T2S                                     R8W                                        S34-T2S-R8W




Can somebody help me to achieve this using the "Field Calculator" and Python parser functions?


Thanks a lot in advance.