Automate the data loading process

10-25-2017 11:18 PM
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Hi Professionals

I have a central geodatabase with 30 buisness datasets inside. the same schema is shared with 30 contractors 

. I receive data from those contractor daily and need to load the new features in their respective datasets inside the central geodatabase. again I need to copy the features from the contractor dataset to the central dataset under the central geodatabase. keep in mind contractors are not aggregating the features, but everytime their datasets will have only the new data.

how can I automate the loading process?

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Take a look at the append tool; you sould be able to script it.

That should just about do it....
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As jborgion suggested the Append—Help | ArcGIS Desktop  is definitely the tool you want to look at. 


  • is it easy to distinguish by the FDGB name between the different contractors?
  • there are no deletes just additional data to include in the central GDB?
  • do you need a mechanism to check if content from a contracor GDB is already present in the central GDB?
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there is no way to distinguish between contractors; and this is not required.

as you said; no deletes are there.

checking mechanism will be helpful specially due to the amount of data that I receive everyday and due to no of workers who work on seperate FGDBs.

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