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SQL query on different Filemaker tables into ArcMap

Question asked by zobalette on Oct 10, 2017

Hello everyone,


I'm a newbie in the GIS world and I have few problems dealing with connections between my Filemaker database (version11, .fp7) and ArcMap.

I could connect it to ArcGIS without problem trough an OLE DB connection and now the different tables appear into my content. But of course, all the relationships (one-to-many) disappeared.

Now I would like to do selections by attribute using fields of different tables. Let's say I have a table with natural sites and their attributes, an other with the animal found on these sites and their attributes, and a shapefile with polygons of the sites.

How can I select, for example, the sites that where  protected after 1980 and where we found white wolve?


I can do that with Make Query Table, it worked, but I have a lot of datas and the resulting table start to be too big. Is there any way to keep the one-to-many relationships between the tables and to make an SQL statement?