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Searching Sent Folder - Returned Record Doesn't Match Displayed Instance Name

Question asked by rhb642213 on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by rhb642213

We are in the review phase of our survey and are having field staff check submissions that were flagged for further review. The survey is batched into 'Areas' and distributed to the various field staff personnel.


The instance name of the survey is concat (${Area}, "-", ${Num}) which would display as 405-7 for the seventh location in area 405.


We have a field staff member reporting that when they filter the Sent folder and search by area '405', the correct instance names appear for the area, but upon selecting a particular displayed record '405-7' another record the staff member completed is opened from an entirely different Area, '406-12'. The staff member reports records from Area 105 opening as well during a search for '405'.


We had the staff member confirm that both not using a search filter and searching the full '405-7' instance name opens the correct record.


Has anyone else encountered this, and is there any explanation as to a cause?