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Problems with scratch.gdb in published geoprocessing service

Question asked by jonathan.knowles_GloucPolice on Oct 4, 2017
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I am publishing a geoprocessing model from a unc path on out file server and the resulting geoporcessing service doesnt seem to place data in the scratch.gdb geodatabse.


Within the name of the folder I am publishing I have Scratch, with a scratch.gdb, a toolbox with scripts in and the actual GP model itself.


Within the actual model itself I have %scratchworkspace%\Buffer2 every time i write data to disc.


Within desktop I set both workspaces to \\uc-**\ma**pping\Tea**ms\G**IS\Toolbox\Geoprocess10_5\MissingPersons\Scratch\Scratch.gdb


The service will publish fine. I am using arcGis Desktop 10.5.1 and ArcGIS Server 10.5.1 and portal 10.5.1


When i run the model and i inspect the arcgisjobs directory, shapefiles are being outputted and nothing is being put in the .gdb


The model will eventually fail in WebAppBuilder.


Any idea what I am doing wrong ?