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Multiple Choice Constraint - A List of values

Question asked by pschneider on Sep 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by wws_ahargreaves

Regarding Ishmael's post on Multiple Choice questions, I see the ability to review individual items within a select_multiple type; is it possible to review if a list of items are selected?


I have a client who is observing activities, and which observed activities are unsafe, both fields reference the same choice list.  I'd like to add a constraint that ensures that if a item is selected in the 'unsafe' field it is also selected in the 'observed' field.  Can something along these lines be done? 


select_multiple ActivitiesobservedObserved Activities
select_multiple ActivitiesunsafeUnsafe Activitiesselected(${observed}, ${unsafe} )Unsafe Activities must also be noted as Observed above