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Differences in processing time for Drone2Map

Question asked by RYesri on Sep 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by mike.robb

I am processing imagery from Drone2Map and noticed that when I processed two adjacent collections separately (each collection was processed to a separate orthomosaic) it seemed to take dramatically less time than when processing the two collections into a single orthomosaic:  the two collections processed separately processed each overnight; whereas the single took two nights PLUS the whole daytime in between.  I became curious about that, and started to look for clues in the processing reports.  Has anyone experienced this difference and know what it stems from?


The processing reports paint a different picture of what happened (although it still showed that in total it was more efficient to process the collections separately). According to the report, the time spent for Initial Processing (without report) of the single process of the two collections was only 10:48 minutes (as opposed to the around 30 hours that I observed Drone2Map working on the process).  Does this mean the bulk of the time spent by Drone2Map is in report generation?


For me, if it is less efficient to process more photos together than to process them in chunks, that might be important to my workflow, generally. So I am hoping someone has some experience/suggestions.