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Missing DSM & Ortho + Point cloud at wrong elevation

Question asked by larselmkaer on Sep 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2017 by larselmkaer

Hi Guys,


I'm having a problem with the products of my D2M project. First of all, when running the project it does not create a DSM or Ortho even though I have selected them in the processing options.. I have taken a look at the Report (attached), and that actually has the correct ortho and DSM shown... So I don't understand why I don't get any products in the 2D folder..


I have created many projects before and this has never been an issue.


Second issue is, that my Point Cloud is at a wrong elevation. It is shown at a height of 169 meters, which is actually the height that is imprintet in the images themselves were they were taken. However no matter how I set the vertical coordinate system or the vertical conversion, the point cloud is still shown at the before mentioned height??


The guy who flew the images, have created a perfect result in Pix4D... He has used only standard settings and since Drone2Map is built on Pix4D technology I don't understand why I'm having this problem....




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