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ArcGIS Server SSL Certs Multiple Sites - how many?

Question asked by bharvey on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by bharvey

I have the SSL certs I need and think I understand how to set them up.   I have seen many other posts, but my questions has to do with multiple machines in a site.


I know every machine that participates in an ArcGIS Server Site has to have SSL enabled and setup per this:


If you have 3 different machines composing a site do they all have to have the same certificate, or simply be SSL?   For example, our sys admin setup a different cert for each of our IIS servers.   If each machine in a site has to have the same cert, does the web adapter machine also have to have that same cert?   I have root and intermediate certs that will apply to all of them, but can the individual machines themselves have different selfsigned certs as long as they are SSL or should each machine in the site use the same one and should the Web Adapter also have the same one?


Follow on.   If I have a web adapter on machine A pointing at the site, and another adapter on machine B pointing at the same site does it matter?   It seems like the Web Adapter machines have to be SSL enabled but the certs can be different than the site, and machines in it.


Make sense?