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ESRI JS API 4.4: layer maxscale and minscale not respected when browser zoom is not 100%

Question asked by FluxysIT2 on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by FluxysIT2

We have a web application using JS API 4.4.


We have added a mapimage layer that contains layers that are visible at all scales.


This functions correctly, but when we change the zoom of the browser (Internet Explorer or Chrome) to a value different from 100%, the layer is no longer displayed at all scales: in some scale intervals the layer does not show up anymore.


As far as we have investigated, the request from the web application to ArcGIS Server is different for different browser zooms: e.g. the DPI parameter changes, which gives inconsistent response results



=> this returns a correct image



=> this returns an image where some of the layers are not visible


Has anyone experienced this in their applications?


Many thanks in advance