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Floating split

Question asked by Mortensen91 on Sep 19, 2017
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I'm trying to split a surface into as many parts as possible without any leftover space, so I figured that the floating split would be perfect. Unfortunately, I encounter a problem where the split distance is shorter than the floating number, is there a way to make the floating number the minimum distance?


An excample could be that you have an 11 meters long surface you need to split into smaller surfaces with the floating distance of 2. I would then write:


Surface -->

   split(x) {~2 : Surface01 }*


in this case, the split can produce either 5 splits that each is 2.2 meters or 6 splits that are 1.83 meters, I guess that CE would create 6 splits as that creates the width that is closest to 2, but what would if I wanted it to do five splits?. Is there a way to ensure that 2 is a minimum distance?


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