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ModDate in metadata does not match Last Modified Date from Item Page

Question asked by PSLarkin_SpokaneCounty on Sep 14, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by PSLarkin_SpokaneCounty

UPDATE: Answer per Atma Mani: use item.modified as described in REST API: ArcGIS REST API 


When accessing metadata from item.metadata, or downloading the metadata from item.download_metadata, the ModDate tag does not match the date shown on an Item's page. If these two dates are not intended to be the same, it would be nice if the Last Modified date was accessible in the metadata. 


For example, Item Page: 

XML Metadata for same item:

     <ArcGISstyle>ISO 19139 Metadata Implementation Specification GML3.2</ArcGISstyle>