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Field name of Extract multi values to points changes for repeated run in Model Builder

Question asked by Chamnab@CamPNP on Sep 14, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by Dan_Patterson


I am using Model Builder using: extract multi values to points from a raster, and then use the extracted value as input feature of building another raster.

My problem is that after create the Model, when I run first time, it worked well but from second time it didn't work because every time I run it, the new field was created with number at the end, and the raster building read only the first field that was set.

Ex: In the Model, in field name "vegetation" was set to extract multi value to points and raster building. For running from second time, the filed name created from extract value to points turned to "vegetati_1", "vegetati_2"... while the setting in raster builder was still to read field "vegetation". So that the raster created found no changes even if the input data was changed.

Could anyone share your idea on this?