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Shortlist: Point layer for places does not use the required data template

Question asked by bmcknight_azgfd on Sep 13, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by MCooney-esristaff

I've recently created a Shortlist where I specified to use the point data "as-is," see below. In other words, I downloaded the required template and configured my data according to this template within a CSV file and then published this CSV as a hosted feature service.


Everything is working great with this feature service and the Shortlist respects the template.


In addition to this template feature service, the web map being referenced by the Shortlist also contains some additional point layers. The point layers are scale dependent. 


While working within Shortlist, I receive the following error when these additional point layers, or reference layers, become visible: "the point layer containing your places does not use the required data template. Please review the requirements of the template."


Is this a bug or is Shortlist truly limited to having only one point layer within a map, even if the additional point layers are solely used for reference? 


Thank you!