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Web AppBuilder  Proxy 500 Error with Secured HTTPS Service

Question asked by mkoneya on Sep 13, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2019 by jtrappet2010

We have a Web AppBuilder site that we are moving to a Server which has HTTPS and will be calling the map Services from an internal ArcGIS Server that also has HTTPS enabled.


When I try to load the services in the App,   I get a 500 Internal Server Error.


I am using a proxy and have configured the proxy.config.       If I run the site locally on my machine with the proxy site as HTTP it works calling the HTTPS service, but if doesn't work when going from HTTPS to HTTPS in our production environment.




In Chrome I see a security warning when trying to access the ArcGIS Server Map Service.    What do I need to configure to get this to work?