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What happens to the data?

Question asked by amitkokje1 on Sep 13, 2017
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The organisation recently had 10.5 environment update and insights 1.2.1 configured.


I am still very new and exploring the insights and 1 question keeps bugging me. 


When using excel as data source, once the excel is added to the insight workbook, it must be get hosted on the pre-configured hosting server. 


Once I remove the data-set from the insight card what happen to the loaded excel (or the data-set)? is it get deleted from the hosting server?


The reason is, we will be opening  few insights licences for some non GIS business units for self-help use. But do not want the hosting server to be loaded with unnecessary data. If the excel or the data-sets remains even after user deletes from the workbook or a card, we expect the data should be automatically deleted from the hosting server. 


Any help?