Can MaxAllowableOffset use a factor, rather than a number?

Discussion created by stevel on Jan 16, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2011 by stevel shows that a featureLayer can have a MaxAllowableOffset value, which can be useful in quickly drawing a complex layer (simplying it on-the-fly rather than trying to draw every vertex exactly).

The problem is that the applicable offset value will usually change depending on the current map scale. Eg, at a state level an applicable offset might be 100 meters, while at street level it will be 1 meter.

Is there a way to accommodate this using the MaxAllowableOffset parameter? Because the MaxAllowableOffset parameter is found under the New keyword, can it be changed as the scale changes?

Ideally this parameter should be configurable as a factor, eg 1/1000 of the current map width or similar.