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Setting license manager with .bat file and no admin rights (ArcGIS 10.x)

Question asked by rastrauch Champion on Aug 30, 2017
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We have multiple license manager servers (different servers) that are kept separate, mainly because the .opt (option) file has never really worked as one would hope.  I'm working on two (DOS .bat) batch files that will allow a user to:

  1. switch between the license levels (Basic and Advanced...we have no Standard). I have this working, although have not tests on a machine without admin rights yet
  2. switch between the license manager servers. It is this 2nd task that I have a question. (again, not tested without admin rights yet)

I'm hoping to get both of these to run without needing admin rights, however that has not yet been tested. But even if admin rights are needed, these scripts should simplify the process.


I have found numerous current_user registry keys that have the value of the license manager:


plus a environmental variables: 


I can get my script to change all of these variables, some may be old/unrelated as my machines have gone thru many versions of the software/LM. 


However, none of these seem to change the License Manager variable in the ArcGIS Administrator dialog box, and that seems to override everything.  I can not seem to find where this is stored, and therefore whether I can overwrite or override it with a script.  I know you can set the value when installing silently (just thought about that) so I think it is possible.  Any suggestions??   


I will post a sample of my scripts when complete...but as always, when messing with registry keeps, be very cautious and use at your own risk.  If something goes wrong, it can mess up a machine.  By the way, I have found and pieced together the pieces of the info needed I needed for the first (and part of the 2nd) script on GeoNet, StackExchange and several MicroSoft related sites.


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Current software: 10.2.2 - 10.5.x

Current software license manager: 10.5.1

OS: Windows 7, 64-bit