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Align Objects to ground

Question asked by g.doerffelmysynergis-esridist Employee on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2017 by russell_roberts-esristaff

I am fighting an issue that basically could be resolved with ONE change in Portal/Online:

Both should, as Pro does and CityEngine can set, allow to set Objects to ground as a default.

I know this could be an improvement request, but maybe I am doing something initially wrong ... so I describe:


My data starts out in CityEngine and there I align it to elevation/terrain that I obtain from ArcGIS Online. By a rule I extrude and texture the elements and then to explain create Multipatches from it (exporting to a Scene layer right away does not do anything different in the result.


When I load this data into an ArcGIS Pro Scene, it does not align with the Ground. So my first assumption:

  • Global terrain used in Pro IS NOT identical to the terrain I can download from in CityEngine 2017 ???

This is how it looks like after loading it in Pro in an area that is rugged:



In Pro it is easy to fix that - just change the elevation settings to "on the ground" ... and here you go!


Now I can create a Scene Layer Package from the data (as mentioned above  -I could create that Package from CityEngine - but that does not behave different) and upload to ArcGIS Online. Not many settings there ..and the result is:

So I am back to the version with Terrain mismatch!


So to me there are two options:

  • use the correct Elevation model in CityEngine right away?
  • make the WebScene respect or be able to set "On the ground"



Anyone any Ideas? Thanks!