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SceneLayer renderer won't update after the linked FeatureLayer's attributes has been updated?

Question asked by okiwill on Aug 23, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by okiwill

I'm working on some 3D model data and want to use the scenelayer's renderer to reflect the 3D model's attribute changes.


So I published hosted scene layers from ArcGIS Pro directly to ArcGIS Server( NOT the .slpk way, and enabled feature edit before Share As Web Layer ), then 3 new items appeared in ArcGIS Portal and ArcGIS Server REST Services Directory, like this:


ArcGIS Portal:

ArcGIS Server:


Everything's OK, right?


Now I can successfully applyEdits to the FeatureService from JS API, and view the changed attributes through the sceneview popup.


The only problem is, I have set UniqueValueRenderer for the scene layer, but the renderer style is still the same. I'm sure the value of the field which has been used in UniqueValueRenderer  has changed. It seems that scene service has cached a copy of feature service's attribute table and never update it.


Could you please explain to me the mechanism between the scene layer and it's linked feature layer, how they works, and how can I use the linked feature layer's attributes to set renderer for the scene layer ?