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Implementing User Login & Filtering

Question asked by mshaffie2 on Aug 21, 2017
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Hi all,

I about to develop a multiple user login to my WAB, and currently have a user login database on my SQLServer. What is the best approach to support more than 100's users login to a WAB, and what is the approach that I can filter the data, by using a set of related tables?


For example:

Example related table layer:

1) Users = {(Username : James, GroupID : 25), .....}

2) CarIDGroup = {(CarID : 2217 , GroupID : 25) , (CarID : 112, GroupID : 1), .......}

3) CarLocation = {(CarID :2217, Lat:1.333, Lng : 101.221), .......}


So, let say, James log in, and he can only see the location of CarID in a group 25 only. Do WAB has a similar function that can support this filtering?