Code Flow for Web AppBuilder Maps?

08-21-2017 09:53 AM
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I'm an old school programmer. I've been doing it off and on over the years on desktop, mobile and web. I've only got a smattering of classroom training so alot of the terminology escapes me despite grasping the concepts. So please forgive me if I 'word' this wrong.

What I am looking for is the CODE FLOW or the LOOP that a fully developed Web Map travels through upon loading as well as any FLOW or LOOP the Widgets make?

Let me try to explain for those who don't understand. I used to code for a web CMS (Content Management System) like Zikula, and I've done some for Wordpress as well. The way I learned how to code for both the CORE library as well as to develop Add-ons (think Widgets in WAB) was to learn the CODE FLOW or LOOP.

Basically a flow chart that showed... When the  app loaded into the browser, it first ran this code in this file, then this code in this file, then.. ad nauseum. I could see where changes needed to be made for custom adjustments or how to configure my custom add-ons. Now what I used to do was just take large packages like a WAB Map and put a ton of CONSOLE commands in, or Debug commands, so that when EVERY function was called it triggered in the CONSOLE and I could both watch the app load and see the code being called or I could go back and read through the process.

Has anyone made such a beast for the WAB Maps?

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