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Concatenate a URL followed by a Field Name Using Calculate Field

Question asked by sarojthapa60 on Aug 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2017 by sarojthapa60

I am trying to concatenate a domain URL followed by a field name using Calculate Field tool. In the Expression field in the Calculate Field window, the sql expression looks like:


<a href=DomainURL/FolderName/&" "&!PHOTO!>Photo</a>


However, in the attribute table, the PHOTO_URL's values are populated as

<a href=''DomainURL/FolderName/PhotoName.jpg''''>Photo</a>

I get an extra " at the end of the href. When opening the map service using the arcgis online, when the PHOTO_URL atttribute is clicked, it reloads the current web URL instead of redirecting to the photo url.


Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.