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Drone2Map - GCP's

Question asked by JeremyMurfitt on Aug 19, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2018 by huffmanp

I am new to Drone2Map and have it on trial. I currently use Drone Deploy for all my processing. However I use other ESRI products so makes sense to see if Drone2Map could replace DD. I have had some early problems not least with not being to open the software. I have processed a number of jobs and generally they are all OK although I do note that the resulting folder with the data/outputs etc are v large..


The problem I am having is processing GCP's. I have double checked co-ordinate systems tied the CGP's and all looks good. It goes through the full processing but it doesn't produce the outputs.The same data processed without GCP's is fine. It has to be something to do with the GCP process but I am at a loss to work out what may be going wrong. The same data and GCP's process via Drone Deploy with good outputs and results.


Any pointers on what may be going wrong?