Join existing portal error - Failed to update the indexes

Discussion created by robert_DataVision on Aug 18, 2017
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We have a working ArcGIS portal version 10.5 federated with an ArcGIS server of the same version.  It is setup with survey 123.


I am attempting to follow the standard ESRI instructions for setting up a highly available portal.


I have copied the content directory to a separate highly available file share with correct permissions and updated portal to point to this file share in portal admin.  I have tested this and it all works.


I set up a seperate VM with the same version of portal and licences.  I then followed the prompts to join the existing site (all as per the instructions).  After clicking OK the new portal machine is active for about 30 minutes and the log is updated.  I then get a message that says:


There was an error when attempting to join the existing portal.

Failed to update the indexes.  Index Service configuration failed.


The log has the following messages

Starting to initialize indexer module

Elastic node configuration started

Index Service configuration failed.

Attempt to configure data store failed. Attempt to configure data store failed.. Extended error message: Failed to configure spatiotemporal big data store.. Extended error message: Could not connect to spatiotemporal big data store

Failed to update the indexes. Index Service configuration failed

Join site initialization failed


Does anyone have any ideas on where this could have gone wrong?