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How do you order a WMS sublayer hierarchy?

Question asked by manager5000 on Aug 18, 2017

We have a WMS service that is in beta testing right now, but we are having an issue with the hierarchy of the sublayers not being in the order that we expected.


We are serving out imagery broken out as different vintages ie) 2017, 2016, 2015 etc ...

The Group layer is a virtual layer, and the sublayers are the actual renderers that hold all the imagery based on year. When looking at the grouping in ArcCatalog everything is in order, but when you pull this service into ArcMap the ordering is changed and looks random. I already know that you can go into layer properties and can change the ordering of the layers from there, but we are trying to avoid telling all of our clients that they must go there to change the layer ordering.


I am attaching a screenshot of how the layer is coming into ArcMap as of now


Does anyone know where or how to change our WMS at the source or Arc level to respect the hierarchy we have laid out based on the newest layer being on top?